Quick Close

p>Capital Funding Corp’ Quick Close Private Financing Group arranges alternative financing for real estate owners, developers and entrepreneurs.

We provide real estate secured financing with an emphasis on speed. Our financing programs are uniquely structured to meet the needs of each borrower. They are well suited for opportunistic, undervalued, or other special situations where the borrower is short on time or capital or when closing the deal in a matter of days will give the buyer negotiating leverage. We assist borrowers that find conventional financing disadvantageous, inappropriate or inefficient.

We have arranged Quick Closed Private Financing for all types of commercial situations including bridge loans, land and building acquisitions, development and construction, rehab and repositioning, turnarounds, bank workouts, foreclosures, probate sales, and bankruptcies.

Our loans are less costly than giving up significant equity, more flexible than institutional debt, quicker than private syndication, and less restrictive and onerous than traditional hard money loans.

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