Capital Funding Corporation of America is a privately owned fully integrated real estate lender and finance advisory providing low cost high leverage senior position debt to real estate based lending and operating firms on a national basis. Capital Funding Corporation of America and it’s partners and affiliates has over $2 Billion USD currently available for investment into quality regional lender-operators requiring capitalization of $5M-$300M on a revolving basis.

In some cases, we are willing to provide up to 90% of borrower advance capital, on terms significantly more favorable than those available from multi-national banks, FDIC insured lenders or private funds. Capital Funding Corporation of America provides senior leverage facilities for select operating firms and transactions Nationwide with terms significantly more favorable than the leading players in the space.

Our loans are always structured to meet your needs. Moreover, our 100+ years of combined experience in real estate finance, development, and management enable us to act as an advisor as much as a lender. The principals of CFC have originated, managed, or approved over $1 Billion in loans in residential, office, retail, and industrial properties in the United States.

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